Silver at the African Advanced Manufacturing and Composites Show


AAT Composites won Silver in category E (Composites Floating Trophy for Displaying Innovation) at the Africa Advanced Manufacturing and Composites Show, held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on 7 - 8 November 2018.

We were awarded for our innovation in Polymer 3D Printed Autoclave Moulds for use in the Aerospace Industry.

Historically, prepreg is imported in a  -18 degree Celsius cold chain, with only a few days working life at room temperature. This makes it difficult when making large moulds or parts. The project therefore aimed to 3D print moulds that can be used in autoclaves. The project was very successful, showing the following improvements when compared to the prepreg mould manufacturing process:

  • Fewer steps in the mould creation process
  • Enhanced lead times, reducing time to market for our customers
  • 40% cost saving
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