Seat Backrests

Key Customers: Aircraft interior OEMs
Main Objectives: Structural and non-structural seat components (incl. pipe frames, backrests, sidearms, monitor covers, tables, armrests and closure cover panels).
High-performance structures that are light-weight (mass savings of up to 40% over traditional aluminium backrests), high stiffness, excellent fatigue characteristics, contoured shapes, secondary items fitted, cost effective
Tasks: Concepts; design; ergonomics; design for manufacture; tool design and manufacture; material selection and characterisation; stress analysis; fire, smoke, toxicity, and heat release (FSTH) tests; surface finishing
Materials: Carbon fibre-epoxy fibre; foam support
Processes: Autoclave, press
Surface finishes: Matt/Gloss finish, texture finish, glass finish, visual carbon finish, foiling