We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of technology and innovations in the composite design and manufacturing realm. Our layup, curing and trimming processes yield the best quality while remaining efficient and effective in a fast-paced, high-variant production environment.

Layup Processes

Thermoset Resin system

The thermoset resin layup process uses either phenolic or epoxy prepregs. The parts are constructed as monolithic or sandwiched parts of which the sandwich parts have honeycomb or foam cores. This ensures the best strength-to-weight ratio, optimal for aircraft interior structures.


Thermoplastic Resin system

In the thermoplastic process, an organo sheet with a thermoplastic matrix is heated and moulded into the desired shape. Complex shapes can be formed allowing for more intricate part designs. One of the biggest benefits of the thermoplastic resin system is that a product can be heated and reshaped multiple times. The final product has a high chemical resistance and has multiple finishing options.

Curing Processes



Autoclave Process

The moulded composite part is subjected to a maximum of 6 bar of pressure and typically around 130 degrees Celsius.


Out-of-Autoclave Process

The moulded composite part is subjected to up to 0.8 bar of pressure and typically around 130 degrees Celsius.


Hot Press Process

The moulded composite part is closed between two hot plates that provide both heat and pressure.

Trimming Process

robotic cell 6 axis machine

We offer customer ready, trimmed, assembled and finished parts.

Equipment List

We have a sophisticated, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on site, allowing us to do all our projects in-house. With this advantage our projects are run efficiently and systematically, ultimately reducing our customer’s time to market.

CMS 5-axis CNC machine

Our high-tech equipment is used throughout the layup, curing and trimming processes. Our facility is equipped with:

• 3 Cutting Tables x 3
• Laser assisted lay-up
• Debulking vessel x 1
• Autoclaves x 5
• Pressclaves x 6
• 3-Axis CNC x 3
• 5-Axis CNC x 4
• 6 x Axis Robot x 3